A Progressive Approach

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.

—Carl Rogers

Across the world, our alumni, students, and faculty are making a difference. As scholars and leaders, members of Saybrook University’s global community remain united in the commitment of working toward a humane and sustainable world. They are transforming health care, providing organizational leadership, developing sustainable practices, and caring for populations in need. Saybrook University empowers every member of its community to follow their passion—dedicating themselves to a life of service and success.

A Global Community

Our students come from many different backgrounds in different parts of the world. Some have families that they need to care for and are simply trying to make things better for them. Many are extremely successful but wish to take the next step in their careers. Others see something wrong in the world and are looking for a way to speak out against these injustices. One thing that unites all of them, however, is an understanding that every human being has the potential for greatness, and when that potential is cultivated, extraordinary things can happen.

Unique Learning Models

Our learning models are designed to accommodate students with families, professional careers, or other prior commitments. Through our distance-learning models, students become part of an online community, engaging with fellow students, faculty, and professionals from all around the globe.  Facilitating these are residential conferences and community partnerships where students have the opportunity to forge life-long professional relationships.

An Education Based on Practice

Saybrook places a premium on applying theoretical knowledge to work in the world. Through internships, practica, a master’s project, or a Ph.D. dissertation, students will apply what they have learned into practice in the most challenging of environments—working with real people and overcoming real obstacles with creativity, ingenuity, and persistence. From these experiences, our students gain the self-confidence to continue to make a difference to others throughout their lives.