American Psychological Association flagship publication article on Existential-Humanistic therapy prominently features Saybrook faculty, alumni, and students.

Posted on: November 1, 2011

2011 marks the first time the APA Monitor, the flagship publication of the American Psychological Association, has written an article specifically on the efficacy of Existential-Humanistic therapy – and it features Saybrook faculty, alumni, and students prominently.

Saybrook is where the founders of the movement, like Rollo May and Abraham Maslow, taught – and it is where the next generation of leaders in the movement, like Orah Krug and Kirk Schneider, teach.

To read the APA monitor article online, go here.  You can also read Kirk Schneider’s reaction to the article on The New Existentialists, a website dedicated to advances in Existential-Humanistic psychology, where the APA Monitor article is downloadable as a PDF.