Saybrook University launches presidential fellows program

Posted on: August 31, 2016

Saybrook University Launches Presidential Fellows Program

Saybrook University has launched a new Presidential Fellows Program, designed to offer practitioners and scholar‐practitioners the opportunity to connect with a reputable university that is dedicated in mission and purpose to advancing positive social change. The program will provide a beneficial experience to both Saybrook University and the individual’s work in the community.

“Because Saybrook University’s mission is one dedicated to social change and transformation, we are taking this step forward to find and support agents of progress in our communities—people who are making a true difference in the lives of individuals, organizations, and communities,” says President Nathan Long, Ed.D. “With this program, we aim to set the example of how academic institutions can lead positive change both academically and practically.”

Ways Fellows Will Collaborate With Saybrook University

  1. They will participate in relevant Saybrook symposia, panel presentations, and residential conference sessions that are relevant to her or his particular focus area 3‐4 times per semester.
  2. They will actively participate and contribute to the Saybrook University President’s Advisory Council twice a year.
  3. They will develop and share a culminating presentation to the University and broader community on her or his particular focus area during the Spring semester of each academic year.

“Our goal with this program is that Saybrook becomes an active center of not just thought leadership, but action in the community,” Dr. Long says.

Find out more about our first three Saybrook Presidential Fellows here.