Saybrook University is proud of its history of more than 40 years applying humanistic principles to the world’s problems. That means that we believe the human experience, and human potential, are the most important parts of education and engagement with the world. Whether you’re studying psychology, mind-body medicine, organizational systems, or leadership at Saybrook the emphasis is on creating experiences and systems that bring out the best in people and encourage human potential.

That’s something we’re passionate about, and we bring that passion to the world: from providing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder to civilians in war zones to developing new programs for companies that want to become socially responsible, our faculty, students, and alumni are actively engaged in creating a more just, humane, and sustainable world through both scholarship and activism. If that’s something you’re passionate about, you have a community here.

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The Students Who Succeed at Saybrook

Are self-motivated: Saybrook appeals most to people who don’t want to just go through the motions. Students at Saybrook have an open invitation to bring their passions directly to their education. Our programs are designed to be as directly relevant to your work and life as possible, and that presents an opportunity to transform both – if you’re willing to take it. What is your calling? How can we help? What do you need to know?

Enjoy experiential learning: In addition to conventional lectures and presentations, Saybrook’s in-person courses and intensive workshops focus on relating to the concepts and ideas studied in an experiential way that makes learning personal and transformative.

Enjoy research: Though not every program is research-based, students are strongly encouraged to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to their own work and goals. This means understanding how research works and building upon what you already know.

Are eager to start conversations in a supportive academic community: In a person-centered learning environment, it is important to bring your passion, your experiences, and your perspective to the community. That’s what a humanistic education is all about.

We encourage applicants from all disciplines, backgrounds and interests to fill out an application here. We hope you will explore our graduate degree programs and participate in our faculty and staff-led admissions events to discover which program of humanistic education is best suited for your interests. By doing so, you will get a feel of what it is like to thrive in our community, collaborate with our excellent faculty, and study in our graduate-level academic environment.

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