Readmission Requirements

Students withdrawn from Saybrook for one or more consecutive semesters must formally apply for readmission.  Students “withdrawn in good standing” may not reapply for six months.  Students “withdrawn not in good standing” may not apply for readmission for 12 months and then only after all financial obligations have been met and/or an acceptable plan for remedying any academic deficiencies has been considered and approved by Saybrook. Saybrook reserves the right to determine if any terms stated at the time of administrative withdrawal have been satisfied in full.

Readmission is not guaranteed. The Admission Committee makes all readmission decisions based on the student’s academic record at Saybrook and any other factors deemed relevant.  Applicants for readmission must meet the admission requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

Readmission requirements mirror all standard admission specifications. Students on academic probation at the time of withdrawal may be readmitted, but remain subject to probation and retention guidelines in effect at the withdrawal date.

Students withdrawn one year or less return under the academic requirements that were in effect at the time of withdrawal.  Students withdrawn over one year are subject to the academic requirements and catalog in effect at the time of readmission.  Withdrawals of five years or more are treated as new admissions.  All new admission requirements pertain.