Tuition Payment Policies

 Administrative Hold

Students whose payments have not been received in accordance with the terms outlined in their payment plan, or by additional deadlines identified in the Saybrook University Catalog, will have a temporary administrative hold placed on their account until payment is received. All academic services will be suspended until the Business Office releases the hold. Students on administrative hold are ineligible to enroll in courses, submit assignments to the faculty, receive transcripts, have Saybrook website access, receive other instructional services, or have contact with the faculty. Late payment notices will be sent to the student’s Saybrook-provided email address. It is the student’s responsibility to regularly checks this email address to facilitate timely notification of payments considered past due.

Code of Conduct—Financial Aid

Saybrook University prohibits conflicts of interest among the officers, employees, or agents of the University with respect to education loans for students. The University shall comply with, administer, enforce, prominently publish on its website(s), and annually inform officers, employees, and agents of the University of their responsibilities regarding the Financial Aid Code of Conduct.

Financial Aid

Students relying on federal or private loans for tuition payment must have completed all necessary loan arrangements so that such loans are approved and on file with the Financial Aid Office by the first payment due date each semester. If the financial aid deadline is not met, students are required to make monthly out-of-pocket tuition payments of one quarter of the total tuition due for the semester until the loan money becomes available.

Payment Obligations

Students are expected to meet their payment obligations according to their payment plan. Late Payment Fees of $50 are charged to students who fail to meet agreed-upon deadlines for any payment.

Rights and Responsibilities

When you obtain a federal student loan you have certain Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities.