Kirk Schneider to discuss ‘The Polarized Mind’ on KQED’s radio Forum

Kirk%20Schneider%202 - Kirk Schneider to discuss 'The Polarized Mind' on KQED's radio Forum

It’s not our problems that are killing us, says Saybrook faculty member Kirk Schneider:  it’s our minds.  We can’t solve problems ranging from global warming to Wall Street malfeasance because we are caught in a mental trap – what he calls “the polarized mind.”


Schneider will be discussing his new book “The Polarized Mind:  Why it’s killing us, and what we can do about it” on radio station KQED’s “Forum,” hosted by Michael Krasny,  on Tuesday, July 16, from 10 – 11 am (Pacific Time).


It’s sure to be a fascinating conversation, going deep into the human mind – beyond chemicals and anti-depressants – to explore how we can live, and thrive, in the 21st century.


KQED can be heard in the San Francisco Bay Area on 88.5 fm, and 89.3 in the Sacramento area.  You can listen live online.


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