Big changes, constant values:

The community is invited to a discussion of how we sustain Saybrook’s humanistic core

Saybrook’s made great strides in the 21st century:  creating new programs, completing the most successful fund-raising campaign in its history, and accomplishing key goals as it moves towards the creation of a full university structure. 

But as Saybrook grows in new ways, old questions become more relevant:  what is the place of Humanistic thought in the 21st century?  How does it apply to disciplines outside of psychology?  In what way can Saybrook best articulate and pursue these principles? 

All members of the Saybrook community are invited to a community-wide discussion of these issues to be held at this January’s Residential Conference in San Francisco, on Saturday, Jan. 17, from 7:15 – 9 p.m..

The purpose of the panel is to address the question of incorporating humanistic values from the field of psychology into a multi-disciplinary platform for a new university. To what extent are those values the province of psychological study only and to what extent can they be appropriated by other disciplines (healthcare, education, business, etc) to open new levels of inquiry?

Entitled “Sustaining the Humanistic Core of Saybrook,” the discussion will feature an introduction by Saybrook President Lorne Buchman;  a panel discussion with key Saybrook faculty and trustees, including Eleanor Criswell;  and a question and answer period where community members can react to what’s been said and suggest new directions for pursuit and inquiry in the future.  

It is a vital discussion for the community to have if Saybrook’s commitment to Humanistic values – and its understanding of those values – are to remain healthy and relevant in a period of growth and change. 




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