It’s already spring at LIOS

The first ever Saybrook/LIOS Spring Program is now scheduled to launch on March 1 of this year. 

The is the first program to integrate the resources of Saybrook with the Leadership Institute of Seattle, enhancing the traditional LIOS offerings while remaining focused on the exceptional, always evolving experiential and transformative education that has been the LIOS trademark for almost 40 years.

Program participants will be guided by LIOS’ team of seasoned faculty – all of whom are  graduates of LIOS.  This unique feature is part of the vitality of LIOS’ programs, as alumni and current students are the best resources for new students.  Emphasizing this relationship creates programs that are dynamic and responsive, and a community that is closely knit. 

Gloria Burgess, PhD and MBA, will serve as the lead of the Spring Program. Dr. Burgess has previously served as a Program Lead and comes to LIOS on the occasion of the publication of a new book (Jossey-Bass): Dare To Wear Your Soul on The Outside. We are delighted and excited to welcome Dr. Burgess back to LIOS. She brings a wealth of experience, and loves nothing more than inspiring others to create a bridge from what was and what is to what can be. An author, speaker, executive coach, and consultant who engages individuals and organizations in the process of finding the vital core of their creative self, she weaves together her own personal legacy using the threads of authenticity, creativity, soulful living and cultural inclusivity. She is an award-winning poet, author, director and performing artist who is also Principal of Jazz, Inc., her executive coaching and consulting firm. Dr. Burgess earned her doctorate in Performance Studies and an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Information Systems from the University of Southern California. She also holds an MA in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University, and an MA in Speech Communication and Theater from the University of Michigan.

K. Alexandra Onno earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from The Evergreen State College in 1988, followed by a Master of Arts degree at Leadership Institute of Seattle in 1995. She is currently completing her doctorate in Clinical and Depth Psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has an educational background in mythology and theater. As a therapist in private practice, Ms. Onno combines traditional and depth psychology and transformative approaches to therapy, including systemic and family-of-origin work along with archetypal and creative therapies. She maintains a practice that complements her ongoing creative work and role as a consultant and an educator.

Jeff McAuliffe has spent the last 20 years consulting with organizations, from small community-based nonprofits to major corporations. His practice is focused on the integration of organization development, performance improvement, and leadership development to enhance organizational outcomes (quality, cost, delivery and safety), leadership/management capability, and employee morale. His passion is coaching leaders, mentoring change agents and supporting teams to create breakthrough levels of improvement. He has spent the majority of his consulting career as both an internal consultant and a manager of internal consultants. He has held numerous positions with major Northwest companies such as Swedish Medical Center and Boeing. He co-designed and implemented an integrated “People Plan” as part of the world’s largest re-engineering project at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. Mr. McAuliffe also successfully integrated action learning and Toyota Production System improvement methods to Swedish Medical Center to increase management bench strength, effectively engage employees, enhance cross-functional collaboration and improve patient safety. He is now re-starting an external consulting practice with a focus on the healthcare industry.

As always, you, our alumni and current students, are our best resource for new students.
If you know someone who would be interested in the Saybrook/LIOS Spring Program, please encourage them to contact us



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