Maintaining Saybrook’s Heritage and Transformative Power

As Saybrook becomes a university, how can it maintain its existential-humanistic roots? How can it hold onto its identity as the scholarly home of the humanistic movement, where students have studied and continue to study with founding fathers, lineage holders, and current leaders in our respective disciplines, whether HTP, Human Sciences, Consciousness & Spirituality, Organizational Systems, Social Transformation, or Integrative Health? What are your thoughts?

I believe that each new college under the Saybrook umbrella should continue to be a citadel of personal transformation, where individuals are able to grow and reach their highest potential as human beings and scholars.

I also believe that the existentially-focused, person-centered, relational-milieu experienced at Saybrook’s RCs; the parity experienced among students, faculty, and staff; and the cultivation of multiple mentoring relationships throughout one’s matriculation, all contribute to the transformational quality of the Saybrook experience.

Do you agree with all or any of the thoughts above? What would you add or change, and what can we do to insure that whatever the “secret ingredients” that have contributed to Saybrook’s success, these elements will be maintained or improved upon at each of the new colleges as Saybrook grows?

Alumnus, George Aiken, MA (’01), PhD (’06)

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