Meet our new students

Saybrook held its spring Residential Orientation for new students last week, and forty two new students enrolled at Saybrook for the Spring Semester, coming from California, Canada, Switzerland, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, New York, Michigan, Maine, New Jersey, and other points across the globe. 

They come to Saybrook with experience at a variety of schools, including Seton Hall, Kent State, Mills College, St. John’s University, Naropa, the Bangalore Theological Seminary, San Diego State, UC Berkeley, Syracuse Unviersity, and more. 

The average age of the spring class is 40, befitting a graduate school most focused on established career professionals, and a slim majority – 22 – are pursuing PhDs. 

As is traditional for Saybrook, the majority of new students are pursuing degrees in Psychology.  A majority of students have opted not to choose a Specialization so far, and those who have are almost evenly divided between Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Psychology, and Creativity

A slim majority of new students have chosen a Concentration, however.  Popular concentrations include Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology and Organizational Systems (as a concentration), along with Social Transformation.

Finally, Saybrook’s new students come from a diverse variety of backgrounds and occupations.  They include counselors, a minister, non-profit administrators, an editor, a marketing executive, an art therapist, a life coach, and more. 

Welcome, everyone, to Saybrook:  and thank you for your commitment to a humane and sustainable future!



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