Alumna Rivka Bertisch Meir, Ph.D. ’05 Announces Launching of LIFE AND HEALTH TV CHANNEL

Rivka Bertisch Meir, PhD ’05 Announces launching of LIFE AND HEALTH TV CHANNEL, providing the International Hispanic Community tools to improve their quality of life.

The purpose of this program is to provide the world Hispanic Community the know how to improve their quality of life guided by highly qualified professionals. It will simultaneously open doors and opportunities to the international markets to enter and be in close contact and interaction with the Hispanic community. This is the main reason the programs will be broadcasted consecutively in both languages.

It will bridge a cultural and generational gap between cultures offering the appropriate vehicle for the integration of the American people into the Hispanic community.

It is being broadcasted worldwide seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The programming will include segments in the areas of health and well being, with special guests and experts. Topics will include:

-interpersonal relationships
-conflict resolution
-parents-child relationships
-addictions such as smoking
-stress reduction
-how to cope during crisis
-find innovative ways to solve financial difficulties
-finding new solutions to old problems

For Further Information Contact Rivka at 212-726-0406 or 201-363-1391
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