Alumna Cheryl Faulkner Cook, M.A. ’92, Ph.D. ’95 passes in auto accident

Alumna Cheryl Faulkner Cook, MA ’92, PhD ’95 Passes in Auto Accident

From Cheryl’s husband, Thomas Cook:

Dear Saybrook Alumni, I regret to inform you that my wife Cheryl was killed in a car accident on Dec. 8th 2006, in NH. It was a single car accident due to black ice on the highway. We had just had dinner at a local restaurant and were going to our NH home. I was following her in my truck when she failed to make a curve and the car was turning over and slammed into a tree crushing the top. She was killed almost instantly. I was able to reach into the car and kept my hands on her neck and face as she died. It was very tragic. I am not sure if anyone at Saybrook knows of her death. She had great respect and admiration for the faculty and alumni of Saybrook, so I would like to have the information released to that community. Thanks, Tom