Tell your Saybrook story – on video

Saybrook invites all interested students to take 3 minutes at the June RC and tell the world something about themselves

Almost every Saybrook student has a story to tell – and one way Saybrook stands out from other institutions is the quality of its students. 

Saybrook students are often already professionally successful and personally accomplished:  many seek higher education so that they can have a greater impact on the world.  They tend to have unconventional ideas and an intimate knowledge of how much their profession needs unconventional ideas.  They understand that quantitative thinking is never a substitute for qualitative thinking.  In short, they’re looking for more than a grade or a credential:  they’re looking for an education.

In an effort to get to know its students better, and to better present its students to the world, all interested students are invited to “tell their story” to our camera at the June RC.  Each student will have up to three minutes to say whatever they want about themselves, their education, and Saybrook. 


Topics can include, but are not limited to: 

• Your experience as a Saybrook student
• How you found Saybrook, and why you decided to come here
• Anyone at Saybrook – student, faculty, or alumni – who you find particularly inspiring
• What you see as the importance of humanistic principles in the 21st century:  why does this matter?
• What your goals are:  what you’re doing now, and what you intend to do when you get your degree.

Interviews will be used to give Saybrook a better sense of where its students come from and where they want to go, and many students may later be asked if they would talk to the Marketing department to develop profiles.  Other videos may be posted by Saybrook on the web. 

Recording sessions will be held on Tuesday, June 9, from noon to 7 in the Oak room:  students can drop in any time. 

For more information, contact Eric Fox, Dean of Instruction, or Benjamin Wachs, Senior Communications and Marketing Writer.