Alumni scholarships awarded to Saybrook students Erica Hamilton and Les Ernst

Two 2009 Alumni Scholarships of $8,000 Each Have Been Awarded to Essay or Candidate Level Students Erica Hamilton and Les Ernst

From Erica Hamilton:

Women with chronic pelvic pain (CPP) are often caught on a “medical merry-go-round” of diagnosis, referral, and treatments that may or may not be effective. My dissertation study will be the development of a grounded theory on coping among women with CPP. This research will serve as the foundation for the development of a multi-dimensional model of CPP in women, one that addresses critical factors related to the physical health, mental health, and spiritual health of women with CPP. I intend for this study’s findings to be used to help women with CPP step off of the medical merry-go-round and onto new healing paths that actualize their healing capacities. I plan to apply this scholarship award towards the tuition at Saybrook so that I can afford my dissertation research expenses. I am very grateful to the Saybrook Alumni Association and Council for the opportunity to receive this scholarship award. It will enable me to complete my dissertation by next spring.

From Les Ernst:

I would like to express my heart felt appreciation to the Saybrook Alumni Association for awarding me the Saybrook Alumni Association Scholarship. I intend to apply this award toward the cost of tuition and research involved in completing my dissertation, “The Use of Discernment as a Means to Authenticate Spiritual Experiences in Christian Spiritual Direction” My research will require me to conduct interviews of spiritual directors in the U.S. Without this scholarship it would not be possible for me to conduct this research or to finish my doctoral program. Thanks to the Alumni Association, I will now be able to finish my program. I anticipate completing my dissertation by the end of Spring semester. I would also like to thank the Saybrook Alumni Council, committee members, and Saybrook Alumni who have contributed gifts to make this award possible for students in need. I will endeavor to write a dissertation worthy of the gift that has been so graciously awarded to me.
With Sincere Gratitude,
Les Ernst