Day 4, Saybrook at the APA

Access to abstracts:

At 11 AM on the final convention half-day, there were 4 events by Saybrookians.

Faculty member, Ruth Richards, Ph.D., was the discussant for L. Sundararajan (Chair): A process model of creativity: Theory, research, and live demonstration.

Art Bohart, Ph.D., Faculty member

gave a very powerful and important Invited Address titled, Experiential–Constructivist Psychotherapies: An Evidence-Based Approach.

Alumna, Rivka Meir, Ph.D., was made a Fellow in Division 52 for the third year.

Finally, Sheri J. Hixon, M.A., Saybrook Doctoral Student gave a symposium talk titled, Sharing Results and Research Methodology of Our Diversity Studies.

Well that is it for this years convention, a pretty impressive showing by Saybrook, don’t you think.

All best for now,

George Aiken, Ph.D.
Saybrook Alumnus and Director of Alumni Affairs

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