Saybrook at the APA, Day 3, Saturday the 8th

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Saturday the 8th, Saybrook at the Toronto APA Convention

Saybrook’s day at the APA began at 9 AM with a talk by Art Bohart, Ph.D., Saybrook Faculty Member titled, Psychotherapy Is Art Because Life Is Art, in the Psychotherapy as Art— Humanistic Perspectives on Creative Practice symposium.

At 10 AM Dr. Bohart chaired an invited address and philosophical expose’ by Pamela Burry, the daughter of “Gloria” of the Gloria psychotherapy films. The address was titled Innocence and Experience: Living With The Gloria Films.

At 11 AM, Stan Krippner, Ph.D., Saybrook Faculty Member, was the discussant for a talk by Debbie Joffe Ellis, Ph.D. titled Appeal of Albert Ellis: Why the Media and Millions of Admirers Couldn’t Get Enough of Him .

At 11 AM, Saybrook Alumnus, David McGarva, Ph.D. displayed a Division 10 poster titled, Studies in Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts.

At noon, Dr. Krippner and Joan Hageman, Ph.D., Saybrook Alumna participated in the symposium, Neurobiology of Extraordinary Experiences . Stan was the chair and Joan gave a talk titled, Mediumship and Psychophysiological Responses Across Cultural Boundaries.

At 1 PM, Rivka Meir, Ph.D., Saybrook Alumna delivered a talk in the Aging in the International Perspective symposium.

Also at 1 PM, Saybrookians displayed posters in a one hour poster session. Ruth Richards, PhD, faculty member displayed a poster in the Division 10 Art Exhibition titled, What is art for?—Response in images and 140 words. Elliot Benjamin,MA, PhD (math) Saybrook Student displayed a Division 10 poster titled, Mathematics as an Art Form through Number Theory.

That is it for this day.

All best for now,

George Aiken, Ph.D.
Saybrook Alumnus and Director of Alumni Affairs

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