EHI November conference seeking volunteers

EHI’s November Conference is looking for volunteers to exchange their time to assist with tasks at the conference in exchange for their registration fee. Below is a general description of the tasks involved:

The volunteer will be assigned to specific workshops and rooms, and will be seated at the door with a small table. The volunteer will have to ensure that every participant of that workshop signs in and out. This is especially important because this is how we will track professionals and the number of CEs they are earning. Other than the very beginning and very end of the workshop, the volunteers are free to listen in and participate in that particular workshop. Of course, if the instructor needs any help from the volunteer, like switching the lights or moving desks, etc., the volunteer would have to help him/her out.

Possible volunteers please contact:
Mary Madrigal, Ph.D.
EHI Conference Chairperson
[email protected]