Alumnus Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D. ’81 presents art work at the Baltimore Symbolic Art and Music Telesma

Alumnus Bob Hieronimus, PhD ’81 presents: One People, One Planet… Hon!, on Lost Symbols Found, with a concert by the transformative Baltimore band Telesma

Saturday, 14th of November, 8 p.m.
Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave
Baltimore, in the newly revitalized Station North Arts and Entertainment District

Consider buying some tickets and giving them to the younger people in your lives, realizing this event is a partial fundraiser for the Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc., a nonprofit organization.

On Friday the 6th of November 7-9 PM, the Windup Space is hosting an artist’s reception for Dr. Hieronimus as the official opening of the art installment.

Selections from over 40 years of his symbolic art will be on display at the Windup Space from November 3rd through December 31, 2009, along with selections from the rock and roll celebrity photographs of Stuart Zolotorow. From Brooks Robinson to Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Willie Nelson, Zolotorow has photographed and published some of the legends of popular music and sports, reminding us all to aim for the stars and that our purpose in life is to change the world.

If you’ve read the new Dan Brown blockbuster, The Lost Symbol, however, you should really try to attend the presentation Lost Symbols Found on Saturday the 14th of November at 8 PM (doors open at 7).

Bob will demonstrate with a slide show and graphics how our nation’s most common symbols ultimately point to the same things: unity, balance, and attaining a state of higher consciousness. Ticket price includes a full color, 52 page booklet interpreting every piece in the show and the esoteric symbolism included in all of Bob’s artwork. After his presentation, Bob and two assistants will paint a 4 x 6 foot symbolic mural as performance art to the accompaniment of Telesma, “The only way to describe Telesma is as completely breathtaking. From the first faint rumblings deep within the didgeridoo, you are captivated…. Combining traditional tribal instruments with new-age electronic sounds, this music is an unstoppable force.” (Jess Snow, SEN Magazine)

Tickets $20 includes collector’s edition, full-color booklet interpreting Hieronimus’s symbolic art

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Ticketing Info Contact: Janice at 410-366-7722 or [email protected]

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Sponsored in part by the Mill Valley Cultural Arts Umbrella, Inc. and Umbrella Radio and Joe Squared Pizza.