The Goddess Cycle: A ritual of renewal April 2010 in Berkeley

The Goddess Cycle: A Ritual of Renewal April 2010.

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Where: Berkeley, CA, 4/6/2010
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In collaboration with The Fellowship of the Spiral Path: The Goddess Cycle: A Ritual of Renewal” April 6, 2010.
Libretto: Lezlie Kinyon
Original Compositions: Lauren Renee Hotchkiss (music Director), Diana Rowan, Theodosia, Bon Singer

In order of appearance:
Mark O’Neil as Tiresias, Theodosia as Arke, The Supplicant, Michael Schemel as The Forest God, Roberta Gould as Medea, Hallie Frazer as Spider Woman, Diana Rowan as Calypso, Bon Singer as The Queen of Heaven, Diana Dorell, Varsha, Carol Jaron – others.

Artists: Faye Douglass-Johnson, Emily Mehr, Clarice Schawrk, Denita Beneshek, Michael Schemel, Kai Schuman, Lezlie Kinyon (Art Direction)
Ritual facilitators: Herb de Grasse and Ren Monson