Alumna Renee Levi, Ph.D. ’03 associated with the Powers of Place Initiative

Alumna Renee Levi, PhD 03 has been associated with the Powers of Place Initiative over the last year.

You are invited to visit the new Powers of Place website:

The web site, which explores how place, space and environment contributes to individual and collective transformation, was created by a small but growing international network of people supported by the Fetzer Institute. We believe that places are alive. We believe that right relationship between people and place results in tremendous transformative power. Over the past two years we’ve convened a series of meetings and research initiatives, the results of which are now available on our site.

We hope and suspect that the site will not only confirm what you’ve suspected all along, but also stimulate your thinking in new and unexpected ways. We expect that it will introduce you to a vital network of international practitioners who are together defining and shaping this new field of study and practice. We would be honored if you join us and hope that you’ll add your experience to our growing knowledge base as this important new field takes shape.