Alumna Sunny Massad, Ph.D. ’00 releases new book ‘UnTherapy’

From a press release: UnTherapy can release self-defeating patterns

UnTherapy speaks to the hearts and souls of self-improvement junkies who find
themselves teetering on the brink of burnout as a result of working on themselves for years on
end. Self-improvement can be self-abusive because the constant drive to fix, cure, and acquire,
prevents peace of mind in the present, says Dr. Sunny Massad, a prominent psychologist in
Honolulu. Stressed but otherwise healthy people need to learn coping skills that traditional
counselors often don’t have the training to provide. In fact, traditional therapy may actually stunt
the growth of individuals on a ‘spiritual path, Massad explains.

Sunny Massad, Ph.D., originator of the trademarked counseling system called UnTherapy, is also
the author of the upcoming book UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology for Enlightened Living.
She is the President and Founder of the Hawaii Wellness Institute, a nonprofit training
organization in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has a thriving counseling practice. Massad will embark on a
book tour that will start in Honolulu and the Hawaiian islands in January followed by the Paciïfic Northwest,
the San Francisco Bay Area and then Southern California in February.

This is not your ordinary book tour, promises Massad. In addition to the book reading and
signings at each venue, I will provide a free one-hour interactive workshop, demonstrating
UnTherapy by using real issues shared by members of the audience. People will have an
opportunity to learn how to reframe their problems so that they can move beyond old habits of
blame and shame and other self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors. Massad says she is determined
to bring practical tools for increasing self awareness into the hands of the masses.

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