A call for contributions: Edited book ‘Mental Health and Anomalous Experience’

A Call for contributions: Edited book Mental Health and Anomalous Experience

Original contributions (exposition papers, critical literature reviews, methodological evaluations or papers presenting novel methodologies, but not new empirical work) are invited for an edited book on ‘Mental Health and Anomalous Experience’ (negotiations with publishers in progress). The book is intended to be of interest to mental health researchers and mental health-care practitioners.

‘Mental Health’ is used here to refer to mental well-being in clinical and non-clinical samples. The term ‘Anomalous Experience’ is taken to refer to a broad variety of experiences, including spiritual, religious, extraordinary or exceptional experiences, aberrant perceptions or beliefs. Examples of suitable topics include (but are not restricted to): hearing voices; bereavement hallucinations; end-of-life experiences; paranormal and religious experiences, shamanistic, and (where links to mental health can be elaborated) religious or paranormal investigative practices. Contributions which draw on one or more of the following areas or related fields are welcome: anthropology; medicine; palliative care, psychology, religious studies, sociology.

Interested contributors (authors together with any co-authors) are invited to submit a title, author biographical description (no more than 100 words for each author/co-author) and full contact addresses along with an abstract (250 words in length) no later than Friday 19th February via email to [email protected]. Proposed contributions will be reviewed by the editor and inclusion in the book will be confirmed by Monday March 15th. Full manuscripts (6000 words in length including references, APA style) will be required by Wednesday 14th July. Publication is anticipated in early 2011.

Dr Craig D. Murray

Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Research Methods
Doctorate of Clinical Psychology
Division of Health Research
Bowland Tower East
Lancaster University
Lancaster, Ontario