The Berlin School of Mind and Brain Invites Applications

> Application deadline: 1st May 2010.
> Enquiries: [email protected]
> Web:
> The Berlin School of Mind and Brain invites applications for visiting
> scholars and students.
> The Berlin School of Mind and Brain is an international research
> school, cated in the vibrant heart of Berlin. Founded in 2006 as part of
> Germany’s Excellence Initiative, it offers a unique three-year
> interdisciplinary doctoral program in English in the mind/brain sciences.
> Research within the School focuses on the interface between the humanities
> and the neurosciences. Of particular interest are research areas that fall
> on the borders between the mind sciences (e.g., philosophy, linguistics,
> behavioral and cognitive science, economics), and the brain sciences
> (e.g., neurophysiology, computational neuroscience, neurology, and
> neurobiology). Major topics of research within the program include:
> ‘conscious and unconscious perception’, ‘decision-making’, ‘language’,
> ‘brain plasticity and lifespan ontogeny’, ‘mental disorders and brain
> dysfunction’, and the ‘philosophy of mind’. However, research is not
> limited to these areas, and students are strongly encouraged to develop
> and work at their own initiative on any projects that are relevant to
> interdisciplinary questions relating to mind and brain.
> Visiting scholars will have a doctoral degree, and be working in an
> area f research relevant to the School. Visiting student status is available
> to qualified doctoral students currently enrolled in programs not
> affiliated with the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. In rare circumstances
> students with a master’s degree may also be granted visiting student
> status. Visiting scholars are provided a desk and computer in a shared
> office space. Both visiting scholars and students will be provided with
> access to the internet and university libraries. In addition, visiting
> students are allowed by prior arrangement to participate in relevant
> aspects of the School’s teaching program during their visit. It is
> anticipated that visiting scholars and students will participate actively
> in the academic life of the School. The School would be delighted, for
> instance, to hear suggestions from visiting scholars regarding potential
> seminars or journal clubs that they might organize during their stay.
> Further details can be found:
> Patrick Wilken, PhD
> Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin
> Berlin School of Mind and Brain
> Luisenstraße 56
> D-10099 Berlin
> My new book:
> The Oxford Companion to Consciousness
> Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.

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