Alumnus Stefan Kasian, PhD ’06 and Executive Faculty Member Stan Krippner Co-author Book Chapter

A chapter that Saybrook Execurive Faculty Member Stanley Krippner and Alumnus Stefan Kasian have co-authored, “Cross-cultural perspectives on euthanasia” has been published by the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC)in the new book, So What? Now What? The Anthropology of Consciousness Responds to a World In Crisis.

This book is in 23 academic libraries worldwide! It will soon be reprinted (with all errata repaired) in paperback form as well, thus becoming much more affordable. A pdf of our chapter is attached for your enjoyment Click Here.

The SAC has set up a website for the book, where you can sign on for discussing the issues therein. It is also available at The editors Matthew Bronson and Tina Fields encourage you to visit the website and forums to engage in discussions of these important and interesting topics. The full Intro is there in pdf form, as are all of the abstracts, and an errata sheet for the first hardback edition.

Finally, we will be holding a book launch party/30th anniversary of SAC as part of the annual meeting of the SAC, held at UC Berkeley Faculty Club on the evening of Fri, March 19 from 5-6 PM. This book launch party will be open to the public, please join us if you can. For further information please visit:

Dr. Stefan Kasian
Professor of Psychology, Akamai University – psychology – real estate

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