The Latest from Saybrook Alumna Marie Fonrose, PhD ’03 in Haiti

Dear Saybrook Community,

What I did not anticipate was funds for the project itself. I visited a camp where water was scarce so I had to buy water for the kids. Can you imagine counseling someone who is thirsty or even hungry? My church also ended up supporting the project, which is great. I can now use some of their funds to provide water and some nourishment to the kids. Many of them have to walk from the camp to the hospital to see me, on an unpaved road. I visited the camp personally by car; it is quite a distance.

The alternative is for them to get on a motorcycle, which cost 5
Haitian dollars (approx. 80 cents, US). The need is great!

I will be on the town’s radio station (102.5) tonight along with Pastor Mioche Rock providing information about what to expect from children as a result of the event and how to help them move on. We will educate for
half hour and take questions as well.

On Monday, I will visit the an elementary school and meet with the
teachers and administrators.

Until then,

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