Saybrook Alumna Marie Fonrose, PhD ’03 Leaves for Haiti on Feb. 19

A note from Marie:

I want to thank everyone at Saybrook as well as friends who donated to the Saybrook Alumni Association to support my trip to Haiti. As you
know, I have been waiting patiently to go to Haiti and help the earthquake victims with the healing process. I signed up with so many organizations that I lost count. However, Promise for Haiti
(Healthcare, education, & clean water), a 501c3 nonprofit organization responded to my call to serve. For more information, please visit

As I waited to depart with a member of Promise for Haiti, Dr. Theodore, founder of Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon, wrote an email from Haiti dated February 10, 2010, “We need Fonrose’s help to cope with the post earthquake situation. She will join two other psychologists on site in Pignon. We have patients going into depression due to the earthquake.”

As I mentioned to you before, if we do not focus on mental health issues quickly and develop a plan to address the issues; PTSD may become an epidemic and jeopardize the well-being of large segments of the population in many areas for a long period of time. People’s grief is compounded by many elements: loss of family members in addition to homes and communities, constant anxiety regarding the well-being of family members, and uncertainty about the future.

My flight leaves on Friday, February 19, 2010. I will keep you updated on a weekly basis.

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