Saybrook Alumna Marie Fonrose PhD ’03 Writes to Us from Pignon, Haiti

Good afternoon,
Hope everyone is well. I am well in Pignon. I am so grateful to be
here for they really need the help and are appreciative of it. I
visited two orphanages, and held group therapy sessions, as well as
individual sessions at the hospital. It is going to take a while for
the kids to return to some sort of normalcy; however, there are some
who are progressing. Other than PTSD, I see a lot of panic/anxiety
attacks. Some of them will have to undergo desensitization before they
are able to sleep under a roof. I am so happy to find that these kids
have such strong faith in God and I am capitalizing on that. If you
would like to communicate via phone, this is the number: 011 509 39 04
63 91.


Marie Fonrose

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