An Update From Saybrook Alumna Marie Fonrose in Haiti

Update from Marie in Haiti.

God is Good, all the time!

This past Friday I was a guest on the Pignon’s radio station (102.5) discussing the earthquake’s psychological impact on the people, especially children. Many cities listen to this station and we received many calls from across the city and Port-au-Prince about the issues that people face post the earthquake. We ran out of time and we were not able to take every caller. This week Pastor Mioche Rock and I will do another session to give people a chance to process and to answer their questions.

Today, I spent the first half of the day at a school (K-12) visiting
classes and educating people on what to expect and how to help others
move on. We talked with the teachers and administrators on various
symptoms they may see in the classroom from the earthquake victims.
Tomorrow morning I will go back to the school to meet with a group of
adults from Port-au-Prince to get a sense of where they are since
January 12 and to answer their questions on mental health. This
afternoon will be spent in the hospital with patients and we (Pastor
Rock and I) will do some community visits as well.

I attended Pastor Rock’s church yesterday for worship. I was impressed with the youths there. Since the earthquake they have been
volunteering their time to cook a hot lunch for the patients in the
hospital so I commended them for this effort. In hospitals in Haiti,
the family is responsible for cooking and bringing the food to the
patient. We know that a lot of people are in this town without their
family so the youths are providing a great service. What won my heart
with them was the small donation I made to the group; they were so
grateful, one would have thought I gave them a $1000. Everywhere you
turn, there is a prayer meeting going on despite their suffering. Keep us in your thoughts!

Until then,

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