Alumnus Scott Kiser, PhD ’09 and Executive Faculty Member Tom Greening Seek Aid in Existential Research Project

Tom Greening, PhD and Scott Kiser, PhD seek funding for work on a research project in preparation for a presentation at the 2010 APA convention. They are collaborating to further develop an assessment instrument created by Dr. Greening, the Existential Orientation Survey (EOS), so that it can be published and marketed for research and professional use. The EOS identifies four essential existential challenges (Life vs. Death, Meaning vs. Absurdity, Freedom vs. Determinism, and Community vs. Isolation) and explores an individual’s present response to them in his or her life. Funding for this research project will support the process of data analysis, which is essential for the presentation of results and findings. There are five audio-recorded research interviews that need to be transcribed in order to be effectively utilized in the process of analyzing data. If possible, any additional funding would be greatly beneficial for Dr. Kiser as he commits much time and energy to this work in preparation for the APA presentation. The estimated budget is $1000 for the cost of professional transcription services, as well as any more that may be available to support the research work in preparation for the APA presentation.

Contact Scott Kiser at [email protected].

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