Saybrook Alumna Marie Fonrose Receives Praise From Colleague in Haiti

During her tour of service in Haiti, Marie spent her final week in the province known as “Zoranger” in Bainet, located in the Southern part of the country. She was working with the victims and teachers of a 501c3 school and clinic. This was the first school and clinic established in the area.

In the words of Lionel Adams of the Hope for Haiti Foundation:

Julie and I were blessed to have with us during this trip, Marie Fonrose. Marie is Haitian and a psychologist. She was extremely helpful at assisting the kids and even adults coping with the event of January 12. Adults and kids alike sought her advice. She was extremely busy during this trip. I think that was a much needed help to the kids of the community. A father brought his son to see Marie. He explained that the earthquake occured while his boy was in a river bed. The boy fell under 4 times as he attempted to get out of the river. “Ever since the incident, the boy has never been the same,” explained the father. There ought to be more help like that offered to all the children of Haiti. They are all traumatized. Marie and Julie organized 3 wonderful days of teaching that the kids
fully enjoyed.

Dr Fonrose, thank you for providing a much needed help to the kids and adults of Zoranger.

Lionel Adams
Hope for Haiti Foundation

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