The 2010/2011 Alumni Scholarship is in Need of Additional Funds

The Third Annual Alumni Scholarship Fund is in need of additional funding. If you are in a position to help, please consider making a donation to this fund, which is currently $1100 short. Whatever amount you can give, large or small, will help.

The Alumni Scholarship Fund was designed to assist outstanding students who are at the Essay or Dissertation level of their academic work, and who are in financial need. The hope is to give these students a significant financial boost so that they may have a respite from monetary concerns and can focus on completion of their doctoral work.

The program has been very successful. Last year’s winners are in the final stages of their work. According to her dissertation chair, Erica Hamilton is making outstanding progress on the dissertation. Erica says that this scholarship helped her meet unexpected expenses and that it made a huge difference in my capacity to complete this study. This scholarship allowed Les Ernst to focus full time on his doctoral work for the first time since he has been at Saybrook. In his own words, It feels very good to be progressing in my program now! I appreciate the help from the Saybrook Alumni Association in making this possible. I will continue to work hard to produce a dissertation that will hopefully make a contribution to the field. Thank You !!!!

Again, whatever you give will be helpful. Go Here and click on Saybrook Alumni Scholarship Fund to make a donation.

Thank You

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