Jung’s Red Book comes to LA

Saybrook community members in the Southern California area have a rare opportunity to connect with the work of Carl Jung. 

Jung’s renowned Red Book – his recording of his own psychotic break, the insights gleaned from which eventually led to the underpinnings of Jungian Psychology – will be on display at the Hammer-UCLA Museum from April 11 – June 6. 

Additionally, Dr. Sonu Shamdasani, a Distinguished Consulting Faculty Member at Saybrook and the translator of Jung’s Red Book, will give a lecture on Jung on April 23, entitled Prophecy, Divine Madness, and Psychology:  Liber Novus, the Red Book of C.G. Jung.

The lecture will be held at 6:30 in UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall.  General admission is $50.  To register for tickets online call  805-969 3626, EXT. 103.

Saybrook scholars and faculty, including Shamdasani, Eugene Taylor, and James Hollis (who directs Saybrook’s program in Jungian Studies) were intimately involved in the Philemon Foundation’s work to publish the Red Book.  Nancy Furlotti, a student in Saybrook’s PhD program in Jungian Studies, is a co-president of the Philemon Foundation.

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