Alumna Linda Riebel, PhD ’81 Releases New Book on Environment and Challenges Alumni

Linda Riebel, PhD ’81 Publishes The Earth-Friendly Food Chain and challenges alumni to deepen their commitment to consciousness and life – see below.

After decades devoting my life to individual healing and growth, I found my interests shifting toward collective change – social transformation, in Saybrook language. Retired from the practice of psychotherapy, I now work for the survival of ecosystems, animals, and humans. It is folly to deny that we have brought life as we know it on our planet to the brink of collapse. While I am baffled by the delays and obstructions made by people who oppose even the most obviously necessary actions, as a psychologist I try to understand their defensiveness. (However, I still don’t understand why the disappearance of glaciers doesn’t get their attention).

Like clinicians dealing with an addict nearing the point of no return, we don’t have the luxury to simply contemplate the spectacle, or to take time just to design and debate perfect solutions. Urgent action is needed. Here’s what I personally am DOING: speaking, volunteering, and publishing about food and the environment. (Did you know that industrial agriculture causes more environmental damage than cars?) My book */The Earth-Friendly Food Chain/* came out this year (available at,, and I speak at schools and public events, and condense news of important developments (both warnings and signs of progress) in my website’s blog.

Now I am addressing my fellow Saybrook graduates, making my plea to deepen your consciousness and commitment to life in your daily actions. You can help the earth with your food choices, three times a

Linda Riebel, Ph.D. ’81 (925) 945 1785
The Earth-Friendly Food Chain, available at /
or Amazon.

Adjunct Faculty, Saybrook University, San Francisco / /
Board Member, SaveNature.Org / /
Board Member, Sustainable Lafayette / /

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