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The Leonard Shlain Scholarship Fund supports the work of students doing research in the areas explored in Former Saybrook Trustee Dr. Leonard Shlain’s books: creativity, the development of the human brain, art and science, and human sexuality. There are two annual awards of $1,500 each.

The scholarship awardees will be presented copies of Dr. Shlain’s best-selling three books: Art and Physics: The Parallel Visions of Space, Time and Light, Alphabet Vs. The Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image and Sex, Time & Power: How Woman’s Sexuality Shaped Human Development, as well as his fourth book about Leonardo Da Vinci, Leonardo’s Brain: The Right – Left Roots of Creativity that will be published in the near future. The students will be encouraged to utilize Dr. Shlain’s findings in their doctoral research.

Leonard Shlain Scholarship Eligibility

1. The scholarship is available to continuing master’s and doctoral level degree-seeking students from all three of its colleges.
2. For a continuing student.
3. The candidates for the Leonard Schlain Scholarship will have demonstrated a passion and interest in one of the following areas:
a. Creativity
b. The development of the human brain and neuroscience
c. Art and science
d. Human sexuality
e. The effects of word and image on the human mind and culture
4. The candidates for the Shlain Scholarship will be asked to demonstrate financial need for assistance.

Leonard Shlain Scholarship Requirements:

1. A brief bio of the student
2. A brief description of the candidate’s interests, life work, and academic studies.
3. Why the candidate is interested in studying Shlain’s research.
4. A statement regarding the candidate’s financial need and a completed 2010-11 FAFSA form at

Deadline for Applications: June 15th, 2010

Please send to applications to:
[email protected]

Academic Affairs Office
Saybrook University
747 Front Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

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