Key positions in Saybrook’s administration announced

Robert Schmitt, PhD and Vincent Pellegrino, EdD have been appointed to leadership positions for Saybrook University and will serve in the administration of the University’s new president, Mark Schulman, PhD, who will assume office on July 1.

Dr. Schmitt has been named the Dean of Saybrook University’s Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies. Currently serving as Saybrook’s interim president, Dr. Schmitt will take on this permanent position after Dr. Schulman assumes his post in July.

Dr. Schmitt was endorsed unanimously by the faculty of the Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies. The position of Dean of the Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies is a new one, created when Saybrook formally adopted a university structure in late 2009. Dr. Schmitt will be the first office holder. Holding graduate degrees in both psychology and spirituality, he is the president emeritus of the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), a hospice chaplain, and a counselor. He has served as Saybrook’s interim president since October, and has been a guiding hand through an extended period of transition. Appointment to this position will enable him to continue to work with Saybrook and serve the advancement of humanistic thought in his new role.

Dr. Pellegrino has been appointed Saybrook University’s Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs for an additional year. He has served as Saybrook’s Interim VPAA since January. A former Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Brookline College, and Vice President Academic Advancement at Southwest Minnesota State University, he holds a doctorate in higher education administration, leadership, and policy studies.

Saybrook’s new incoming president Dr. Mark Schulman endorsed and stated the following with respect to these two important appointments:

“While I have only spent a brief period of time with Bob since my selection as your next president, I am convinced he is the right person to be founding dean of the College. His insights as interim president and his experience in the profession, the field, and higher education will be wonderful resources for the College and the University. Many thanks to all the members of the Saybrook community who contributed their wise thoughts and time, to the selection.”

“I’m pleased that Vince, Bob and I were able to collaborate to assess Vince’s work thus far – which is superb – and conclude that we would benefit immensely by Vince’s appointment extension. Thank you to the faculty and staff who participated so thoroughly and adroitly in helping us with the assessment. Let’s all keep working together to make Saybrook even greater than it is now!”

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