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After a two year hiatus, Saybrook is thrilled to announce the return of its certificate in Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change, taught by a group of renowned experts including Natalie Rogers, a member of Saybrook’s Distinguished Consulting Faculty, who created the program.

Developed by Rogers out of the person-centered approach pioneered by her father, legendary therapist Carl Rogers, this certificate program is open to anyone wishing to learn how to use the person-centered approach and expressive arts in counseling, education, mediation, social work, nursing, social action, group facilitation, and workplace psychology – or to awaken personal growth and creativity.

Saybrook’s program, according to Rogers, is the only expressive arts program in the country grounded in Carl Roger’s values and philosophy.

That’s a distinction that graduates of the program say makes a difference.

“This Saybrook person-centered expressive arts certificate program provided me with ways to develop emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of myself,” says certificate graduate Terri Gosslin Jones.  “For me, this program was inspiring, fun, and provided an oasis for intellectual exploration.  Expressive arts has now become an essential part of my work and life.”

Students have enrolled in the program from around the world, including Argentina, Venezuela, Japan, South Korea, England, France, and Finland and the US.  Significant research has evolved from students in those cohorts including two completed dissertations and two masters theses.  At present, Saybrook has awarded 42 completed certificates over three cycles.  This new cycle, the fourth, will be capped at 21 students. 
The certificate involves 400 hours of coursework over two years, including six one-week residential courses held at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma County, California.  It is taught by Natalie Rogers; Shellee Davis,  Roger’s collaborator on the program for 18 years;  and Sue Ann Herron, a PhD in psychology with a person-centered emphasis and Natalie Rogers’s biographer, who has taught international therapists and students from South Korea and Japan with Shellee and Natalie.

The week long courses, and their dates are:

I. Nourishing the Soul:  January 22-28, 2011

II. Client-Centered Expressive Arts for Counseling and Communication Skills:  April 7-13, 2011

III. Expressive Arts and the Wisdom of the Body: Sept 2-8, 2011

IV. Expressive Arts for Social Change:  January 21-27, 2012

V. Expressive Arts: Group Dynamics and Facilitation: April 20-26, 2012

VI. Expressive Arts: Group Dynamics and Facilitation: September 1-7, 2012

For full descriptions see or the Saybrook website

The certificate program is open to enrolled students and non-enrolled students alike.  Enrolled students wishing to participate should contact Nick Cederlind, Academic Services at: [email protected].
Non-Saybrook students contact: Annie McGeady, Admissions at: [email protected]  

For information about the content of the program, contact:   Shellee Davis at: [email protected] or Sue Ann Herron at [email protected]


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