Saybrook’s Alumni Director Comments on Saybrook Symposiums at the APA Convention in San Diego via Twitter

The Director of Alumni Affairs at Saybrook has reported on many of the Saybrook Symposiums at the APA Convention in San Diego, Aug 12-15, and will add more comments over the next few days.


Bohart-W/ SOW Cts are able to reorganize thoughts in more functionally coherent ways, generating new solutions for personal problems #sayapa

Bohart-Study of Carl Rogers’ therapy transcripts-in first transcript it was found that the client engaged in a wisdom-making process #sayapa

Bohart-Therapist does not have to intervene-providing an accepting, empathic atmosphere facilitates self-organizing wisdom SOW #sayapa

Bohart-Goal of person-centered therapy: facilitate clients’ self-organizng wisdom-makes self-actualization go in a positve direction #sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrook Faculty Dr Art Bohart-Self-Organizing Wisdom in Person-Centered Therapy-Studying Clinical Wisdom Symp #sayapa

gaiken8: Organizationl resilience can be used to describe teamwork of dreaming brain’s parts, eg, neural networks-creating dream narratives #sayapa

gaiken8: Krppnr-Scientfc, philosphicl, artistc insghts frm dreams may represnt edge of chaos illustrtng illumination phase of creatve process #sayapa

gaiken8: Krippner-Chaos theory and complexity theory can be applied to the study of nighttime dreams #sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrook Faculty, Stan Krippner-Chaos Theory Symp-Dreaming As a Creative Life Force #sayapa

gaiken8: Zausner-Edvard Munch & John Callahan addressed their emotional problems & substance abuse & continued to live and remain creative #sayapa

gaiken8: Zausner-Untreatd mental illness and addictions shortned lives of Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, & Jackson Pollack,#sayapa

gaiken8: Zausner-Untreated mental illness inundates a person with a cacophony of unwanted stimuli, some will turn to substance abuse #sayapa

gaiken8: Zausner-These responses can generate positive experiences during a time of creativity when inspirations guide a work to greatness #sayapa

gaiken8: Zausner-Chaotic systems have extreme sensitivity to stimuli, thoughts and feelings can cause profound responses in people #sayapa

gaiken8: T Zausner-all individuals are in state of chaos that continually brings forth the new order of their ongoing existence #sayapa

gaiken8: T Zausner-an artist in the turbulence of creativity is an extreme example of a dissipative system #sayapa

gaiken8: dr zausner-In these far-from-equilibrium situations, they are in a state of creative chaos #sayapa

gaiken8: Dr Zausner-Artists create their work in conditions of disequilibrium far from the confines of homeostasis #sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrook faculty Dr Tobi Zausner-Chaos Theory Sym-Artists and Substance Abuse: Misguided Searches for a Creative Chaos #sayapa

gaiken8: Butler-Intrply btween cultvation of sprit and makng of soul transcendnt practces-balancd by imagnatve wanderngs thru valley of soul #sayapa

gaiken8: Butler-Strict adherence to the spirit-centred practce of yoga has tendency to cast a dark shadow over soul-oriented aspects of life #sayapa

gaiken8: Butler-This tumultuous struggle can be resolved through a conscious cultivation of both soul and spirit. #sayapa

gaiken8: Jason Butler, MA Alumnus-Poster session of Jung and the Evolution of Yoga in America #sayapa

gaiken8: R Rchrds-The “abnormal is not necessarily pathological,” and in some cases, it may be usefully, and creatively, exceptional. #sayapa

gaiken8: R Rchards-Creativity itself tends, all else being equal, to be healthy, adaptive, even resilient, perhaps also protective #sayapa

gaiken8: R Richards-Mild mood elevation appears optimal Results may generalize to everyone; mood elevation can increase creativity for us all #sayapa

gaiken8: R Richards-Chaos Theory Sym: As sickle cell offrs resistnce to malaria, bipolr risk comes w/a potential benefit: enhanced creativity #sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrook faclty Dr Art Bohart “Studying clinical wisdom: Research on therpists’ & Clnts’ wisdom-related processes” Report later.#sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrook Krippner/Alumni APA Dinner at Jsix Restaurant in San Diego a great success-70 attended! Excellent food, excllnt company. #sayapa

gaiken8: Drs Zausner, Richards, and Krippner present rich symposium about chaos in art, I’ll have to tweet more later. #sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrk Fclty Drs Ruth Richards, Tobi Zausner, Stan Krippner “Chaos Theory: Creatvty, Wakng and Dreamng Life, Psychopathology, & Art” #sayapa

gaiken8: Neuropsychology – another way to empirically validate Existential Psychology #sayapa

gaiken8: Respnse of amygdala cnt descrbe what has happened-Fear is a mlti-systmic evnt-needs to be dscrbed phemomenologically to be undrstood #sayapa

gaiken8: Sybrk alumna Dr Susan Gordon, faculty member Louis Hoffman in pnl on Neurophenomenology: The Embodied Mind #sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrook faculty Dr Steve Pritzker’s poster session demonstrated w/grt! photos and brief essays premise that comedians live longer. #sayapa

gaiken8: Dr Zausner’s own works of art & psychological essays were written in response to the imagery and her process in creating it. #sayapa

gaiken8: “Layrs of meaning give art its incredible richnss & dpth of communication; infusing the beautiful with the powr of transformation.” #sayapa

gaiken8: Tobi: “Artists create their work in conditions of disequilibrium far from the confines of homeostasis.” #sayapa

gaiken8: Saybrook Adjunct faculty member Tobi Zausner-poster session-Conscious & Unconscious: The Creative Process in Visual Art #sayapa

gaiken8: The Cyberhero will have a dual personality and will act as an avatar engaging in digital altruism. #sayapa

gaiken8: From Dana Klisanin, “The Cyberhero is caring, compassionate, committed to make a difference.” #sayapa

gaiken8: Busy day, I’ll do all reports on today’s activities later tonight #sayapa

gaiken8: Anomalous experience was not important to mindfulness group – meditative intention affects the achievement of paranormal experiences #sayapa

gaiken8: The dissociatively focused group had more anomalous experiences by far than the mindfulness group #sayapa 4

gaiken8: Only dissociation versus hypnotizability contributes significantly to anomalous experiences #sayapa

gaiken8: Dr Hageman compared a western dissociatively focused spiritual group with a Korean mindfulness focused group #sayapa

gaiken8: Alumna Joan Hageman on Mysterious Minds Research at 2; Stan Krippner Chairs #sayapa

gaiken8: Just arrived in San Diego, will report on Saybrook symposiums soon. #sayapa

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