From Marie Fonrose, PhD ’03 – An Update On Haiti

Update from Marie Fonrose—Haiti

Six months after the earthquake, I know many of you are asking the questions: what has changed? Is Haiti better? These questions are not easy to answer. What I can say, however, is that life goes on. In comparison to when I went in February, the people look and feel better. Some of the children are back in school. The adults are trying to find something to do to provide for their families. Haitians are very resilient; they move on quickly. They know that having a pity party will not make things better. The 35 seconds that destroyed the country and changed a lifetime will have an impact for many generations. As the people move on, we need to continue to pray and help them find stability. It may have taken 35 seconds to happen, but it will require patience and years to fix. I know you will continue to be part of the reconstruction efforts in whatever way you can—together we will revive Haiti.

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