Alumna Darlene Viggiano, PhD ‘ 10 Publishes a Workbook on Lost Pregnancies

Darlene Viggiano, (MFT) PhD ’10 Releases New Publication

Carrying On: A Workbook for Women Who’ve Lost a Pregnancy Paperback

Available at

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 15-20% of pregnancies miscarry, and risks increase beyond age 35. This workbook offers evocative questions to help women recover emotionally, encompassing a wide array of grief issues. It is designed for women, therapists, and organizations whose goal is to heal the painful wound of miscarriage. Written by a therapist who herself recovered from gestational loss, Carrying On can facilitate healing in self-help, individual therapy, or group settings. It helps readers * see the similarity of the writer’s story and their own experiences * identify emotions and shared dynamics * write their personal stories * review and witness their growth. Carrying On is a forward-looking, flexible, multi-dimensional resource that stimulates expression of thoughts, feelings, memories, and expectations. Journaling is a time-tested recovery tool. Its unique perspective helps break through stuck points that can blight acceptance and moving forward. Practical advice that guides readers step-by-step through recovery, acceptance, and carrying on makes the workbook eminently useful from a psychological and self-help standpoint.

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