Saybrook Alumnus Royal Alsup, PhD ’75 Presents Paper at International Conference on Shamanism, Healing, and Transformation

Saybrook Alumnus Royal E. Alsup, Ph.D. ’75 is presenting a paper The Mask of Evil: The Dark Side of Shamanism at the 27th International Conference on Shamanism, Healing and Transformation
Wisdom of Our Ancestors-Bridge to The Future
Santa Sabina Retreat Center San Rafael, California
Saturday, September 4, – 9:00 AM to Monday, September 6, 4:00 PM
Labor Day Weekend – 2010

Saybrook faculty members will also be presenting:
Jurgen Kremer Chanting and Drumming Journey – Experiential
Stanley Krippner Curanderas and Curanderos at the University of New Mexico, Summer, 2009

Saybrook Student Denita Benyshek and son Hans will present A True Story: Emergency Shamanistic Healing of a Boy

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