Saybrook Alumni and Student Publishing Opportunity in Telepathy, Alternate States of Consciousness, and Dreaming

Stan Krippner is co-coordinating a special issue for the Neuroquantology Journal on the topic,Telepathy, Alternate States of Consciousness, and Dreaming.

The journal founder and editor, Sultan Tarlaci, MD, is requesting 7 or 8 high-quality, publishable contributions for the June 2011 issue of the journal and thought that alumni Saybrook alumni and students might be interested.

Your submission could consist of review articles, book reviews, opinion and/or commentary articles, etc. The journal’s primary focus is the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of quantum physics and its relation to the nervous system, but previous issues include topics as diverse as: Adaptation, Brain, and Consciousness, Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology, and Near-Death Experiences.

If you are interested in writing something for possible submission, contact Cheryl Fracasso for additional information at: [email protected]. I suggest you visit the journal website to view past submissions and to familiarize yourself with their submission requirements. Go to: for complete journal details.

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