Saybrook Witnessed its First Presidential Inauguration, Friday, January 14, followed by an Academic Colloquium, Humanistic Education in the 21st Century

Saybrook University held its very first inauguration ceremony for a new president this past Friday. Mark Schulman, Ph.D. was inaugurated at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco’s Financial District. It was an exciting day, with at least 180 in atttendance representing colleges and universities from around the country.

An academic colloquium on Humanistic Education in the 21st Century followed and was well attended. Each of our four panelists looked at the topic from their unique perspective. It was a stimulating reflection on a very important topic .

Our Distinquished Panelists were:
Eugene Taylor: Humanistic Psychology
Jim Gordon: Mind Body Medicine
Tim Weber: Leadership
Kathia Laszlo: Organizational Systems

For more about this event, see the “Message from the Director of Alumni Affairs” in the winter edition of the alumni letter, The Homepage, to be released late January or early February.

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