Susan Tyburczy, PhD ’08 to Present Dream Review Methodology for the New York Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Dreams


Exact time and place to be announced.

Saybrook Alumna Susan Tyburczy, PhD ’08 invites Saybrook students and alumni to attend a presentation that she will give regarding her dissertation research. This presentation will be sponsored by the New York Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Susan will discuss the method that she has developed to review dreams from a spatial perspective. She will also talk about dreamers’ experiences with space in regard to themselves, experiences with others, animals, objects and other situations. Susan will present information regarding spatial experiences in dreams in terms of dreamlike and/or bizarre dream experiences, the phenomenon of dreamers observing themselves while dreaming, and transpersonal experiences.

After Susan’s presentation, she will available to talk to Saybrook students regarding any stage of their educational journey.

Susan’s dissertation entitled Recall of Space in Dream Reports and Exploring Dreaming from a Spatial Perspective can be located through the Saybrook Library Database, ProQuest Research Library, Advanced Search: Tyburczy-Author and dreams-key word and spatial-key word

Susan can be contacted directly at SusanTPhd

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