Alumna Rivka Bertisch-Meir, PhD ’05 Shares Recent Accomplishments

Alumna Rivka Bertisch-Meir, PhD ’05 Shares Recent Accomplishments

1) Awarded Fellow Eastern Psychological Association.

2) Awarded Fellowship from the APA 3 times by Division 1-49 and 52.

3) Appointed: Co-Director of Multicultural Activities in the Speaker Bureau of Fordham Institute for the Media

4) Chairperson at the 22 Greater New York Conference of Behavioral Research on November 7, 2010 at Touro Lander College for Women, 225 West 60 St., New York City. Undergraduate and graduate students and faculty from across Greater New York (NY, NJ, CT, PA) in the behavioral sciences (psychology, sociology, and related fields)

5) Publication review of my latest book: Stop beliefs that stop your life:
Fixed beliefs and life pattern theory

by Rivka Bertisch Meir, Ph.D., M.P.H.,
L.M.H.C., Author House, 2009. 151 pages (paper)
ISBN: 978-1-4490-3889-2 (sc) in the “General Psychologist” APA Division 1 publication pp 35-356. by Peggy Brady- Amoon, Ph.D., Seton Hall University

6) Symposium presentation at EPA accepted:


Changing One’s Life Story.
Point In Time™ Therapeutic Technique to Recall, Decode and Heal Traumatic Experiences.
Cell Memory and its Implications

A Multiple Case Study

By Rivka Bertisch Meir, Ph.D., M.P.H., LMHC

Michael Meir, MD, Ph.D. will discuss the medical and its presence in the DNA.

7) APA presenter and discussant on: Psychology and Anti-Semitism – Suite Program Division 52 and Division 1 presentation with Professor Noach Milgram

8) APA Presentation panel with Prof. Florence Denmark, Noman Abeles and Richard Velayo: Active Aging: Myths And Stereotypes.

9) Encyclopedia History of Psychology edited by Robert Rieber, to be published by Springer
a. Entered 3 Bios
b. Helped over 12 Saybrook alumni to get accepted by the Encyclopedia
c. Introduced and got accepted over 50 Bios by the Encyclopedia from renowned psychologist from the USA and internationally.

10) Book review:
A Physician Under the Nazis: Memoirs of Henry Glenwick Edited By
David Glenwick to be published in the “General Psychologist” APA Division 1.

11) Continue as Chairperson of the APA, Division 52 International Liaison, International Division of the APA.

12) Continue with my private practice in 3 New York locations accepting major health insurances in 3 languages Spanish, English and Hebrew.
a) Continue Tele-psychotherapy, Tele-counseling and Tele-coaching with patients from Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Servia, Brazil, Argentina and several USA cities.
b) Conducted International Tele-Seminars.
c) Continue teaching at the University

Rivka Bertisch Meir, Ph.D., MPH., LMHC
Fellow, American Psychological Association
Chairperson, American Psychological Association, International Liaison International Psychology
Co-Director of Multicultural Activities in the Speaker Bureau of Fordham Institute For the Media
Program Chairperson 2007, American Psychological Association, General Psychology
Fordham University, Adjunct Psychology Professor, New York, NY
Board Member, NYS Psychological Association, DOWI (Division of Women’s Issues)
Independent Psychotherapy Practice
Life Management Counseling -Corporate Consultant – Coach
Management & Leadership Development – Telephone consultations
e-mails: [email protected] and [email protected]

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