The Annual Meeting of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, April 14-18, will Feature the Symposium:The New Existentalists: A Revival in Existential Thought and Practice

The New Existentialists:
A Revival in Existential Thought and Practice

The annual meeting of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32 in the American Psychological Association) will be held April 14-18 at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The Chicago Symposium will be on The New Existentalists: A Revival in Existential Thought and Practice

Existential psychology is undergoing a revival of interest spawned, in part, by innovations in existential thought and practice. The challenge of contemporary existential psychology is to honor its tradition while not being limited by it, to remain open to exploring new terrain. This panel includes 6 influential contemporary existential psychologists, all faculty at Saybrook University, discussing their contributions to revitalizing existential psychology. Dave Elkins , Pepperdine University, incoming President of the Society for Humanistic psychology, will be the Discussant.


I. Eugene Taylor – The New Existentialists
a. Why a “new” existential movement
II. Tom Greening
a. Existential Shattering
b. The Existential Orientation Survey
III. Louis Hoffman
a. Existential Psychology in an East-West Context
b. Clinical implications of in-digenous Chinese existential psychology
IV. Ed Mendelowitz
a. Relationship of psychology and psychotherapy to the humanities
b. How the arts and humanities inform clinical practice
V. Orah Krug
a. Overview of the Existential-Humanistic Training Program
b. Core concepts in Existential-Humanistic Therapy
VI. David Elkins
a. Discussant
VII. Questions and General Discussion

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