Alumna Karen Koepp, PhD ’09 Offers Free Webinar for New Saybrook Students: Secrets of Graduate School Success

Secrets of Graduate School Success Free Webinar
Saturday, February 12 8:30 am PST

Learn and apply project management tools to help you achieve deep learning and maximum progress this semester. This 1-hour interactive workshop will guide you through a process of identifying semester goals and creating an effective semester strategy, including
Ø Self-management
Ø Priority management
Ø Support management
Ø Action planning

Instructor: Karen Koepp, Ph.D. Dr. Karen Koepp ‘09 received her doctorate in Psychology from Saybrook University. During her doctoral training, she focused on researching faculty and student perspectives on the challenges students experience during graduate school and how these challenges can be overcome. Dr. Koepp is the CEO of Koepp Research Corporation and has been coaching graduate students in completing their coursework, essays, theses, and dissertations for nearly 10 years. She also has written several workbooks to guide students through the research and writing process and has lectured on the topic of conducting research at Georgetown University and Pepperdine University. Before this work, she served in roles as a management consultant, project manager, and organization development consultant.

Please email [email protected] or call 301-560-4746 for details on connecting to the webinar

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