Bernice Moore-Valdez, PhD

Bernice Moore - Bernice Moore-Valdez, PhDDr. Bernice Moore-Valdez is President of ICO Consulting, a company that focuses on effective collaborative engagement and leadership. ICO turns distances and differences into strengths.

Dr. Moore-Valdez has worked for and provided consulting services for Fortune 100 companies — leading large international and virtual teams to attain high customer and employee satisfaction with outcomes of departmental and organizational cost reduction and effectiveness improvement.

As a bilingual, cross-cultural leader, Dr. Moore-Valdez has worked for US-based enterprises, partnering with teams across the United States and in Mexico. She has also worked in the People’s Republic of China, coaching an executive team in global leadership and systems design.

Bernice’s work with organizational learning has resulted in improved leadership capability and the implementation of a corporate university. She was also the driving force in a prestigious, award-winning Baldrige process.

Dr. Bernice Moore-Valdez created and led an effective diversity program that not only increased employee engagement but also enhanced customer satisfaction across the United States and in Dubai.