Chuck Piazza, PhD

Chuck Piazza - Chuck Piazza, PhDChuck Piazza, PhD is a social philosopher, educator-mentor, and ethicist who critically examines the behavior of contemporary sociotechnical organizational systems, and the human dynamics  and networking processes (particularly leadership, workforce relationships, societal impact) related to them.

With an interdisciplinary approach to social informatics as a background, he explores organizational communication and social networking in the Digital Age, and the practical issues related to global knowledge ecologies in a virtual workplace and the challenges associated with work-life balance in a networked world. The creation of alternative organizational models and practices rooted in sustainability principles and the re-envisioning of leaders and professionals as socially responsive global citizens are central aspects of his work.

Three times recognized as instructor of the year, his courses contribute to growth in organizations by concentrating on the development of innovative leaders with integrity who can strategically establish sustainable knowledge sharing cultures, promote collaborative problem solving networks, and maintain healthy sociotechnical work environments. Central to this is the fostering of an “adaptive knowledge commons” model of information and communication ecologies and processes that empower, engage and benefit all organizational stakeholders, including the civic and world communities in which an organization functions.

As an MBA Chair and Associate Professor at John F. Kennedy University and former Associate MSIS Program Director at the University of San Francisco, he has taught individuals from Silicon Valley, Europe, India, the Near East, Africa, South America, China, and Indonesia, including professionals from Fortune 500 companies.

When not residing in the Northern California redwoods and being with family members, he lives and works from Italy which allows him to slow down and take time to enhance his artistic skills.