Dennis Rebelo, MSLBE

Dennis Rebelo - Dennis Rebelo, MSLBEDennis Rebelo is president of University Business Consultants LLC (, a New England based business development consultancy firm with reach from San Francisco to Austin and Boston.  Dennis’ works mostly delivering the communication system he authored entitled “AS3™ “ or Approach Sensitive Systematic Selling (for presenters) and storying (for leaders).  The system’s underpinnings rest firmly on humanistic values.  Generative dialogue, self-identity, organizational culture and Jungian psychology coalesce throughout the class delivery, keynote presentations and ongoing field work.  Dennis believes that by teaching storying from a system’s perspective human beings can become more invitational, accepting and collaborative bringing their “gifts” to the organizational dwelling place.  Dennis is currently working with Amedeo Giorgi in the practicum research for his Ph.D. studies in Organizational systems.